Monday, August 3, 2009

Psapp - Tiger, My Friend

For day number three, I will share one of the favorite selections of cats from all over the world: Psapp's Tiger, My Friend. Like cats, there is a precious charm to the album that screams polka dots, playgrounds, and song birds. It also has the atmospheric vibe of Barns and Noble. "Rear Moth" is an anthem for coffee houses, and the occasional rubber duck squeak is all part of what Psapp is. "Velvet Pony" is sort of the epitome to what Psapp is, though: chromatic melodies and subtle beats made of samples of things like tinking glasses, vinyl, and what sounds like a noisy elevator with a bell. I say that Psapp is cat music because of "About Fun," which has cat sounds and lyrics about being a cat--at least part of it might be about being a cat (I never pay much attention to lyrics). It's my favorite song on the album. "The Counter" takes on a more serious tone than the squeaks, mews, and tinkering. It's a sad song. "Chapter" is another highlight on the album, because it has this really cool soft lead and a melodica--I think. I posted this album because it's the first one to get, but I think The Only Thing I Ever Wanted is just as great, if not greater. The Camel's Back is also great. They always sound, more-or-less, the same. A similar band to Psapp would be the Bird and the Bee.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Charlatans - Wonderland

The Charlatans UK, as opposed to the Charlatans US or the Charlatans SovRus, are a great band that I know very little about. To be perfectly honest, for a long time, I thought they were some new band and that Wonderland was their debut album. Apparently, it's like their seventh album... But despite my unfamiliarity with the Charlatans, I would still like to share this album with those of you who have not heard it or have forgotten it. "You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty" is the first songs I ever heard from this album, and it is also one of my favorite songs of all time. It's definitely a great place to start with this album, especially because it's the first track. The entire album is a lot of fun leftover from the kingdom of britpop, but I would especially reward Medals of Honor to the following: "Is It in You?," "Judas," "Love is the Key," "A Man Needs to be Told," and "And If I Fall." I would reward "the Bell and the Butterfly" with a Purple Heart though, because it's only really useful for car chases.