Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Charlatans - Wonderland

The Charlatans UK, as opposed to the Charlatans US or the Charlatans SovRus, are a great band that I know very little about. To be perfectly honest, for a long time, I thought they were some new band and that Wonderland was their debut album. Apparently, it's like their seventh album... But despite my unfamiliarity with the Charlatans, I would still like to share this album with those of you who have not heard it or have forgotten it. "You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty" is the first songs I ever heard from this album, and it is also one of my favorite songs of all time. It's definitely a great place to start with this album, especially because it's the first track. The entire album is a lot of fun leftover from the kingdom of britpop, but I would especially reward Medals of Honor to the following: "Is It in You?," "Judas," "Love is the Key," "A Man Needs to be Told," and "And If I Fall." I would reward "the Bell and the Butterfly" with a Purple Heart though, because it's only really useful for car chases.

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