Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LUSH - Gala

"Meshing dreamy, feedback-drenched guitars with airy, catchy melodies, Lush were one of the most prominent shoegazing bands of the early '90s. Led by guitarists Miki Berenyi and Emma Anderson, the British band earned a cult following within the British and American undergrounds with its first EPs, yet the group never quite attained the critical respect given to its peers My Bloody Valentine and Ride."

My very 1st festival i ever went to was Lollapalooza #2.. it was on Harriet Island in St.Paul. St.Paul the city was a high bluff so you had to descend down a large bridge into the river valley to get to the concert grounds. LUSH was playing as i arrived and their cascading melodies filled and echoed through the valley. It was such an exciting time for me and a memory that is ingrained. It was like being blessed with a new sensory perception.


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