Monday, June 1, 2009

The Waco Brothers - Cowboy In Flames

You're a legendary UK punk rock icon with several classic (if unknown to the mainstream) albums behind you. You fall in love with an American woman, marry her, and move with her to her hometown of Chicago. Separated from your band mates, what do you do?

You start a country band. Of course.

The Waco Brothers started as Mekons co-founder Jon Langford's side project, but soon grew into a second full-time band. The goal was to be "the hardest country band in the world". Essentially picking up where the Mekons left off with their alt-country albums (Fear and Whisky etc.), the Wacos make rollicking, policitally-charged country punk. Cowboy In Flames, their second album, is probably their best (along with the followup, Do You Think About Me?)


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