Friday, May 29, 2009

The Bottle Rockets - The Brooklyn Side

The Bottle Rockets are the best band ever to come from Festus, Mo. This is 1990s roots rock/"Americana", but the Bottle Rockets were much more of a party band than others from that era. Country-tinged rock played by guys who seemed to listen to a lot of Metallica and Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Brian Henneman, the band's lead singer and songwriter, was once a roadie for Uncle Tupelo and was the second guitar on Wilco's first album. I am impressed with Henneman's ability to write these on-the-mark little portraits of rural blue-collar people. Intelligent, self-aware, funny, and fun. Check out "Sunday Sports", "Gravity Fails", "Idiot's Revenge" and "1000 Dollar Car". Not for those who are put off by a little twang or who don't like the Hold Steady, who remind me of these guys a little bit.


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