Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Weirdos - Weird World Vol. 1

Album number five is another compilation from the first wave of Los Angeles punk bands. The Weirdos were one of the most rightfully lauded bands of the movement, despite never putting out an album and releasing a handful of singles. They've got a really awesome guitar sound: they take the rush of Ramones and mesh it with the angular guitar sounds of Magazine and turn out either ominous and pulsing songs that are reminiscent of early Pere Ubu sometimes and more upbeat tracks that sound something like an artsier version of the Ramones. The band was pretty much the Denney Brothers, and during the 4 years this covers, they went through five bassists and four drummers. They reconvened in 1990 to record their only album (it's not really worth seeking out unless you're really bats over this) but the two Weird World records, which collect their A sides and B sides, respectively, are two of the best punk records you'll ever come across. Just listen to We Got The Neutron Bomb and you'll love it.


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