Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Saints - Eternally Yours

Here's album number 2.  I found this while readin the Kurt Cobain journals, specifically his list of 50 great albums he loved.  I was just skipping through random tracks on it when Know Your Product, the first song on here, came on.  Knowing nothing whatsoever about the band, I was so amazed by the sound that I pulled off the freeway, stopped driving and listened to the next 5 tracks.  I found out that these guys are one of the first punk bands from Australia, and that this, their second album, isn't usually as highly regarded as their first.  What puts it ahead, for me anyway, is the horn tracks.  They take the awesome blasts of 70s Ramones/Sex Pistols/Clash style punk and add a soul-influenced horn section.  The result is absolutely propulsive.

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