Monday, July 6, 2009

CD Truth - Seedy

C.D. Truth are pretty much Akron's poster band. They hail from Akron, they've been part of the local music scene for a good 15 years at least, they write songs about Akron, and they'll probably never leave Akron. Every Christmas they do punk covers of holiday songs as Missile Toe at various venues around town. They're a local institution, and a pretty good one at that. That said, they're not much more than just a fun local band. No one's perceptions about music are going to be radically changed here, but there are a handful of really strong tracks scattered across this album from 1998. Most of the material is post-punk influenced alternative rock delivered with a snide sense of humor. The two best tracks come back to back early on and are the most Akron-centric, although being a denizen of the city isn't necessary to enjoy them. The first is a quick, loud, and fast punk screed against one of our local highways that's ALWAYS under construction called "I Hate Rt. 8" that I'm sure any city living American driver can relate to. Even better is the dirgey, tongue-in-cheek slice of local pride "We Got The Blimp," which takes solace in one of our more famous local landmarks in the face of poor schools and lack of clean smelling air, although you don't need to be from Ohio to appreciate lines like "And don't ever call it a zeppelin! John Bonham drowned in his vomit."


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