Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imperial Teen - On

I figured since it's summer you can never go wrong with pop, especially when it's this good. I also had a hell of a time picking an album from this under-recognized band because they're all fantastic.
Anyway, On was produced by Anna Waronker (her own work, both solo and with that dog, is worth checking out) and Steven McDonald (of Redd Kross). That basically means it's short, easy, catchy, and everything pop ought to be. This album has less of the themes that have gotten Imperial Teen pigeonholed as a "gay band," maybe intentionally, as reviews for the previous album What Is Not To Love tended to focus on the gay thing instead of the music. Best songs in my opinion are "Ivanka" and "Million $ Man." Fun fact: frontman Roddy Bottum used to be the keyboardist in Faith No More.


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