Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Feedle - Leave Now For Adventure

Since it's Wednesday and I'm minorly bummed by this I thought I'd post a soothing album that'll make everything better. No really, it will. Just look at the cover art.
Anyway, Feedle is a man from Sheffield who makes mostly wordless electronica. I realize that's a pretty open statement and a fairly common style but he does it in a new and lovely way. I'm not the biggest fan of electronic music, but he layers noise, scattered beats, and effortless melodies with a sense of wonder. This is a dreamy, throbbing, emotional album that's been largely and unfortunately overlooked. The best track on here is the sprawling "This Troubles All Dust," which will somehow zen you out but also make you (or at least me) an emotional mess. A calm emotional mess, if that's possible.


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