Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival - Kickin' The Devil In The Balls

Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival are the quintessential hip Midwest novelty band. They pose as a Christian rock band, indulging in booze and fast women in order to better battle Satan on his own ground. Of course, this is just an excuse to have a blasphemous good time playing lo-fi blues rock numbers like "I Banged A Sinner" on the cheapest equipment possible. Uncle Scratch is best experienced live, often performing near the bathrooms of rock clubs or on street corners where they're not particularly welcome, but even without their typical between song banter ("The devil is a pussy! And some times, pussy is the devil!"), this album captures their stupid-smart wit and primitive energy. Here's a glimpse of their live show:

Make sure not to miss the secret track at the end, a cover of "Purple Rain."

I'm also including a short mix of songs from Northeast Ohio bands I didn't cover this week. If you want any more info about these bands, just ask. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Rocket From The Tombs - So Cold
2. Styrenes - Drano In Your Veins
3. Mirrors - She Smiled Wide
4. Electric Eels - You Crummy Fags
5. Rubber City Rebels - Child Eaters
6. Defnics - 51 Percent
7. Bizarros - Lady Doubonette
8. Pink Holes - Brooke's Song
9. Kill The Hippies - My Pussy's Going To Make You Hot, My Cock Is Going To Drive You Crazy
10. This Moment In Black History - Last Unicorn

Uncle Scratch

NE Ohio Comp

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