Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scott Walker - Scott 4

Scott Walker - Scott 4

The atonal and surreal material that worked so well with Walker's croon in "Scott 3" is mastered in this album. Beyond that, his writing style developed a brilliant literary edge. He draws from clear references throughout the album, whether they be rooted in film, literature, or simple history. The instrumentation is flawless throughout and consistently surprises from track to track. "On Your Own Again" is easily one of the greatest ballads ever written and is brief enough to leave you wanting just a little bit more. Luckily, Walker maintains control over that anticipation throughout the rest of the album. The climax of the album occurs about three quarters of the way through with "The Old Man's Back Again," a piece which takes the precarious balance that Walker toyed with in previous tracks to a new level. The album winds down and wraps up with "Rhymes of Goodbye," perhaps the best example of what his voice is capable of. The album was a financial failure compared by the runaway successes of Scott 1-3.

Scott 4

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