Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Entrance Band - Prayer of Death

All credit goes to Andrew for introducing me to this album. Entrance are an absolutely unique band, melding psych, folk, blues, and more, all overlaid with Guy Blakeslee's impressive voice. He howls, yelps, and sometimes even croons - and does all of it exactly at the right time. This album is, obviously, focused on death, with some great lyrics and even better tunes. The groovy hooks will probably get stuck in your head and you might find yourself listening to this more than you would've guessed - it's definitely best of the decade material. Seeing these guys live was something of an amazing experience and if you get the chance please take it; if you don't like the music it might be worth it just to see Blakeslee in his full hippie caftan getup. Entrance gets extra legitimacy for managing to get Paz Lenchantin on bass/violin/co-producing.


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